A little bit about us


We are The London Toy Company! You might have guessed it; we are based in London, but we're also in 1000's of homes across the world from Japan to South Korea, USA to Germany, Australia to London and many more. You may know us as High Resolution Design, but in 2020 we rebranded to The London Toy Company to better reflect what we do and our identity. We can't wait for you to get your hands on our toys because they are just waiting to be played with!

Friendly Team

We love our customers and wouldn't be here without you. Do message us for a friendly chat; we are always here to talk and discuss any issues with you.

Worldwide Shipping

At the London Toy Company, we want to make sure that anyone can access our gorgeous toys, so we ship worldwide to every corner of the globe.

Always innovating

The next big idea is always around the corner and we are always exploring new ideas and concepts to add to our growing collections.

Our 6-Stage Production Cycle

1. Stratagy

We combine our expertise to create a top quality product plan.

2. Design

Using in-house expert designers, the idea comes to life.

3. Production

Our audited, top quality factories that deliver time after time.

4. Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is carefully monitored to maintain the highest quality & safety standards that conform to EN71 & ASTM.

5. Supply Chain

We have access to a highly reliable network of transport and logistic partners which helps us to deliver anywhere anytime – on time.

6. Quality Control

All orders are inspected thoroughly and benchmarked against our very high standards before they are dispatched.

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